Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Directors and Management of Indo Gold recognise and adhere to the principles and tenets of corporate social responsibility by monitoring and ensuring adherence to the law, ethical principles and international best practice in the conduct of our business. This applies to the communities within which we operate, the parties with whom we conduct business and our employees.

IGL is a company dedicated to mineral exploration and extraction. We believe this is an industry that is not incompatible with sustainable development or “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs” (United Nations, 1987). To achieve sustainable development IGL will conduct its business in the most efficient manner possible, thereby conserving resources. In addition, IGL’s practices will leave behind stronger communities, economically, educationally, and in respect to health and the environment, and this will give them the ability to meet their own needs in the future.

In the Banswara District of Rajasthan, India, where IGL is currently working, the technology and expertise we employ has made a potentially viable gold mineral resource out of an otherwise sub-economic, low grade mineralized formation. Our work, instead of depleting resources, has effectively enhanced the known resources of the area. The technology transfer that accompanies our work contributes to similarly enhancing resources elsewhere in the country, by enabling indigenous businesses to similarly explore, develop and mine low grade, otherwise sub-economic gold deposits. This is “sustainable development”.

IGL will always endeavour to provide employment opportunities for workers from disadvantaged or socially deprived backgrounds. Wherever we operate it is our aim to work with governments and local communities to improve the quality of life and to provide opportunities for employment in order to enhance social, cultural, health and educational well being. IGL believes that community-based economic growth leads to sustainable development.

Very preliminary approaches have been made to several philanthropic organisations, NGOs and a wildlife conservancy, with a view towards supporting collaborative endeavours once permitting has been secured over the primary properties in the Banswara District and the planned, intensive feasibility stage work is allowed to commence. Such planned investments in local community endeavours are seen by IGL as a way of investing in the future of these communities for the long-term.

IGL commits to promote fair competition in dealings with suppliers. We do not offer, pay or accept bribes. Our commitment is to all stakeholders and not just to our shareholders.

IGL’s corporate social responsibility is based on the belief that it is not just ethical, but that it makes good business sense. This environment helps IGL attract employees, it precludes enactment of restrictive legislation, it improves the company’s brand definition, and attracts investors.

By adopting such exemplary business practices IGL’s objective is to secure a  ‘licence to operate’, and to make it a preferred partner in varied jurisdictions.